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This album is made by friends.


released September 29, 2012

Audio Engineer Walter Dicristina
Back-up Vocals By Aidan Feliciano, Kirsten Helmer & Jeremy Suria


all rights reserved



WEREBEARS Montclair, New Jersey

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Track Name: Locals
So it ends in .00 and new postal codes and,
"never since could I remember".
Though, ever since we've been okay; we've been... well.
At least since our adventures
I've sailed the seas and gained latitude
I've been abroad for long enough
You came across with such attitude
And I contest your expanse just by knowing better.
...but I guess you do to.

Well you might as well be spitting when you ask, 'how are you?'

I see you sly swoop in a curve and I remain unimpressed with your sense of irony.
So kid, now that your best years are here why are you so confused about where the party's at?
And where's the party at?
Or don't you know that you're small town in a big city doomed.

Yeah, you're on your fixie screaming, Ah!
When you're really feeling, Ugh!

Expressing grief in philosophies of dead men (consumed by beards) or so your ears have heard.
Now, you haven't shaved since October.
More over, your mother called and I know SHE doesn't get it...
but neither do you.
Track Name: Chub Rub
I'm sure the mirror wont argue you don't look good with that clutch
So wear it with your chest out and your chin up
"Oh shit, your heels are no shit"
"serious" and "fierce" are dumb words thrown everywhere
like eyes to your body
like a mind to a hobby

are you feeling sick, because I'm feeling so great
This clinic of healing is in a recession, oh,
and that's not to mention the state of my breathing
it's accompanied, I'm accompanied, we're accompanied by wheezing

I'll clutch this muffin like 'a fuckin' grenade', man.
because Im filling up on feeling up
Can't stop wont stop cant get enough

Well, you blinked somewhere between
where my fingers pressed and the shutter speed
where the cursor clicks and you cannot see
you're using someone else to remember me and

Well, what you've got coming is coming in spades man
So sick of how you "give no shits"
It wont stop can't until I'm over it

Spit twist like you're sloppy
Yeah you swear that you got me
"I don't give fuck", yeah, you're brave to my face
Yeah, you "don't give a fuck", I hear all that you say
Feeling spaced till I've had enough
I'm filling up and wont say...
Track Name: Cover, werebears, tegan and sara - Nineteen (Cover)
I felt you in my legs before I ever met you. And when I lay beside you for the first time I told you. "I feel you in my heart and I don't even know you". And now we're saying bye. Bye… bye… I was nineteen, calling.
I felt you in my life before I ever thought to. I need to lay down beside you and tell you. I feel you in my heart and I don't even know you and now we're saying bye. Bye… bye. I was nineteen, calling.
Flew home back to where we met. Stayed inside I was so upset. Cooked up a plan so good except… I was all alone you were all I had. Love you… you were all mine. Love me… I was yours right? I was nineteen, calling.
Track Name: Muhnee
in 1989 my mom left my dads ass behind and moved from BK to 28 gates
we left in such a huff my proton pack and slimmer plush where left behind by the fire place. I worked so hard all week learning 123-ABC; my dad surely rewarded me. He gave me $5 whole bucks and left to drive the monster trucks or at least that's what I used to think. That day he borrowed back my entire five $1 bill stack because he said he'd needed it.
Not heroine or coke I trust, it was probably to take the bus to wherever he was going, with grace. Or I'd say...
In 1993 my mommy was never free she worked from 9 until midnight
Ada Cambell was so sweet. She always watched over until my mom return in the twilight. Mom had a house a job and some sort of Dad for her little son, but neither, either or any were fully right. His name was Pete, my sort of dad, thought he was neat, it was sort of sad as I was only his step-son. I went to school and got poor marks; a picked on all day asthmatic, "chubby cheeked fat kid, you sunk the titanic!" . Oh, what a start to grace...
Track Name: Mighty Roar
So with the draw of a chord and a breath in my lungs
Oh, aren't we all having fun all my sang songs are sung
They say. "I'm sure he'll freeze up; ice cold to the touch!"
Oh, they know a lot about singers, they've heard quite enough

They said my voice wont carry past the first row
They said my voice is strong you just wouldn't know
and he sings with all his heart and soul...
but his voice don't carry past the first row

So, what do you know about me?
My every rock unturned and kept underneath my feet
And my shoe is huge...
..yeah, your you is huge, i see.
Apart from what I see that
- I'm like a speck in this room
- the size of the rest of this room
- who's the best in this room
well you can laugh.

Well, I am triumphant
I know I can be reserved at times
but, about as much I can scream I know I'm quiet.
I know I'm absurd at time (though my logic is perfect)
I know I'm a riot.

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